Monday, June 28, 2010

Zombiekins Early Reviews

A few early reviews for Zombiekins-

“A contemporary riff on Dahl, but perhaps even funnier”
- Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“A very lively zombie tale that will no doubt be gobbled up by readers”
- Quill and Quire


  1. I can honestly tell you my nephew's review of this book: awesome.

    This kid lives for video games. Lives for them. They're all he thinks about, so we've had a really, really hard time getting him interested in anything but. I take him to bookstores and libraries often, and he is just not interested. This year he has to repeat kindergarten because all he wants to do is play. He had no interest in reading, period.

    Until Zombiekins came around. He actually chose listening to this book over cartoons and video games, something that made me question whether or not we were being visited by body snatching aliens. He told me it's all he's been thinking about, and I can't turn around without him asking me to read more more more. It is so refreshing, and I hope you come out with many, many more!

  2. Holy moly, that is the most gratifying reader response EVER!

    Another chapter book your nephew might enjoy listening to is Roddy Doyle's "The Giggler Treatment." And if he likes it, there are two more in the series.

    Aaron also illustrated some awesome graphic novels and a new chapter book series called "George Brown, Class Clown."

    If you don't know Robert Munsch, he is a national treasure up here in Canada, and his picture books are hilarious read alouds. "Mortimer," "I Have to Go," and "Good Families Don't" are three of his funniest.

    If you want a funny book your nephew can learn to read himself (with a little coaching),try
    P.D. Eastman's "Go Dog, Go!"

    You can tell him I recommended these books for him, if that helps "sell" them!

  3. i hade a big report and i couldint put this book down i loved the part in the book when knuckels got eaten that was awsome and theyy went to the girls bathroom geart job!!!!

  4. and i heard there is a 2 im the one who put the big report one and i think it is about the girls dolls because he didint uninfect them

  5. hey um im on youtube at thedrewdelaney and commet or message me if im right if 2 is about that if right about "Zobiekins 2" dadadadada