Monday, October 11, 2010

Zombie interviews

Check out my recent interview with Matt Cunningham of "Literary Asylum," a blog about middle-grade books and authors.

It was a treat to answer questions from someone so knowledgeable about both Zombiekins and the middle grade field in general. I also enjoyed reading his recent interviews with Jim Benton (Franny K. Stein), P.J. Bracegirdle (Joy of Spooking series) and Bruce Hale (Chet Gecko series).

Watch for his Q&A with Aaron Blecha later this month, in which the Zombiekins illustrator and noted nice guy reveals all his secrets: Where does he get his inspiration? How did he get so awesome? What will he say about ME?

Teachers out there, you and your students are invited to submit questions of your own for Q&A I am doing with Recorded Books later this month. You can win a copy of the Zombiekins audio book for your classroom. Hurry, though, because the deadline is this Friday, Oct. 15!


  1. what happen to zombiekins 2? my kids have been waiting and waiting. then they where excited to see places had a release date listed as september 15th. Now for some reason its not listed anywhere. not at B&N or Amazon.

  2. My kids have also been waiting patiiently. They absolutely could not put down the first book & loved it. I saw that it would be coming out this year and now I have the same problem, I can not find it anywhere! It is very frustrating because they are so anxious and really love this series. Does anyone know where else to look for book 2?

  3. Well its now 2013 (almost 2014) and I too am looking for the second book in the series with no luck. Perhaps I shall try emailing the publishing company has the release date as 2025!! Omg my little one won't be little anymore! *) its really a cute series too